With God International

A COMPREHENSIVE MENU OF organizational platforms & special projects

W. O. G. I. A.

WOMEN OF GOD IN ACTION, diverse in culture, career, socioeconomic status, yet united in faith & compassion for young people excelling in every area of life to manifest God's purpose.

WOMEN OF GOD IN ACTION meet monthly to pray, discuss, evaluate resources to distribute LIFE to a Generation in need. 

Quarterly, the Founder and Directors of WOGIA invite guest from the community to further discuss and highlight their greatness, their business or ministry, which will be aired on our social media channel as well as our website platforms.

Grants are applied for in the name of WGI, and donations are made directly to WGI. Funds are then distributed to execute the program goals. 

  • Grant Specific Fiscal Sponsorship. (Only specific accounting & reporting related to a new grant) WGI provides administration and support exclusively for a specific grant being applied for by an existing organization that may have other programs running outside of the sponsored project.
  • Fiscal Agency. WGI serves as an outsourced bookkeeper, providing accounting, finance, bookkeeping & bill pay services for organization. Requirements to be considered for this service: A) being a 501(c)3  B) having accounting policies & procedures in place C)having dedicated financial staff D) having experienced Board of Directors.

If you would like to join WOGIA for our next meeting or would like to be invited as a guest on our "COFFEE AND CONVERSATION" social media channel. Please subscribe to our email list and send us your contact information. Our WOGIA Host will connect with you very soon!

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good deeds and moral excellence and recognize and honor and glorify your Father who is in heaven.  Matthew 5:16 AMP.

Spirit of Excellence

Our fee-based project provides training, technical support and consulting services to businesses and organizations that desire to enhance their services and expand their reach within their community. Our organizational development tools are used to assist out partners in creating high performance organizations to achieve operational effectiveness and synergy among the teams. Every partner is supported through a transformation process that allows their organization to work toward higher performance goals and provide service in the spirit of excellence for their community.

Our steps to organizational success and sustainable performance include:

  • ​Organizational Assessments- Identify and Diagnose opportunities for growth and to excel in carrying out the vision.
  • Asset Mapping- Identifying current assets and resources to leverage and expedite growth
  • Strategic Planning- Create action plans and timelines to keep team accountable for organizational growth
  • Implementation Support- Internal transformation process, which includes training to maintain the integrity of your vision and organizational growth

Kingdom Connections

With God International provides a platform to develop an international infrastructure to small business, community & faith based organizations to promote a transformation vision of  wholeness as the total integration of services addressing Spirit, Soul and Body within a responsive community & increase capacity while extending the mission of WGl. Three ways to connect:

  • Comprehensive (full) Fiscal Sponsorship.​WGI handles all accounting & financial functions.The fiscally-sponsored project becomes a program of WGI, which maintains all legal and fiduciary responsibility for this sponsored project, its employees and activities. This allows unincorporated groups and alliances to engage in their mission work without building a new separate corporate entity.